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Dr. Anthony L. Jordan Executive Director/Treasurer, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

Dr. Anthony L. Jordan
Executive Director/Treasurer
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

“Eternity.” That is a powerful word about a profound truth. Apart from Jesus Christ and the salvation and new life found only in Him, each of us would spend eternity separated
from God.

This truth should motivate like never before to share the Gospel with every person in this state. As Oklahoma Baptists, we are a people who care deeply about where people spend eternity, and we hold in our hands the message of salvation and eternal life in Christ.

That is why every year, we give together through the Oklahoma State Missions Offering, which is advancing the light of the Gospel through crucial ministries.

Your gifts help people like De Brown, a church planter in Kingfisher, who is reaching Native Americans and others for Jesus. Church planting is a major part of how we can effectively reach all parts of the state.

Investing in state missions also means that associational camps can share the Gospel with children, which will transform generations.

The State Missions Offering is also making a difference in people’s lives, like Djogan Huang, who received quality training and education through the Robert Haskins School of Christian Ministry. The Haskins School is equipping various leaders from diverse backgrounds to serve in the local church and advance the Gospel.

Also, Oklahoma Baptists are known across the state, nation and world for disaster relief ministry. This ministry, which is fueled by gifts to the State Missions Offering, is meeting people at a time of crisis with God’s love and the message of salvation.

Efforts like the Missions Offering remind us that only the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change someone’s eternity. Now is the time to give and go, and now is the time to reach deep and give through the Oklahoma State Missions Offering.

Please join Polla and me in giving a generous gift. I believe it will make an eternal difference.