Funds Allocation

Statewide Goal: $1.1 Million

MVP Churches

Spiritual Awakening


MVP Churches (churches of 125 and fewer) are the backbone of the state convention. They comprise nearly 1,500 of our BGCO churches. Through the offering, the Church & Community Spiritual Awakening Project will be developed. This strategy will be designed specifically with smaller churches in mind and will equip churches with prayer guides, evangelism training and a discipleship plan.

Sunday School

The Beta Project


With the goal of inspiring a new generation with the vision of Sunday School, the Beta Project gives church leaders practical hands-on training and coaching to help them implement effective small group ministries. Many Beta Collective churches experience break-through growth and evangelistic results.

Church Multiplication


All around the state, people groups and population segments still need a Gospel preaching church. Through the State Missions Offering, church multiplication is enhanced, locations are identified and new church planters are discovered, assessed, trained, coached and cared for, so they can plant churches that also plant churches.

 Pastor Leadership

Ministerial Crisis Care


Healthy leaders lead healthy churches. Ministerial Crisis Care helps leaders remain healthy and able to lead Great Commission-focused churches. The offering serves approximately 50 leaders and/or their family members. Doing so brings stability for current ministry and provides recovery for future kingdom impact.

Hunger Funds


Last year, 30 church food ministries across our state shared the Gospel 13,190 times and provided 140,918 meals to their local families. This resulted in 425 salvations and 146 baptisms. Through the offering, doors are opened to share the Gospel to those who otherwise struggle to have adequate food in their homes.

Prison and Jail Ministries


The state’s incarceration rate continues to grow. Oklahoma Baptists use one-on-one counseling sessions, Bible study, Evangelism Explosion and job-readiness training to show Christ’s love and share the Gospel. Last year Oklahoma County Jail alone saw 2,300 decisions. We must continue to reach out.

Ethnic Ministries

Rural Ethnic Mission Points


Throughout our state, we have many micro communities of people groups. Through the offering, Oklahoma Baptist will be better able to set up Mission Points for lay people to go into these communities, start a Bible study and raise up a core group of believers. When Mission Points are established throughout the state, the Gospel will be shared in areas that otherwise might be neglected.

Fund Allocation – Full List


Allocation Requests

Amount Requested

Mobilization – Church Planting 350,000
Mobilization – Chaplaincy – Hungers Funds 95,000
Mobilization – Ethnic Ministries – Rural Ethnic Mission Points 65,000
Mobilization – Evangelism – Summer Revival Teams 56,000
Equipping – ReConnect Sunday School 50,000
Mobilization – Evangelism – Crusade/Awakening Events 50,000
Mobilization – Smaller in Attendance Church Ministries – Crusades 50,000
Mobilization – Women’s Ministries – Program and Promotion of SMO 39,500
Executive – Associational Camps 35,500
Mobilization – Prison and Jail Ministries 35,000
Equipping – Evangelistic Novel, “The Few” 30,000
Equipping – Sunday School Great Day 25,000
Equipping – Sunday School The “beta” Project 25,000
Mobilization – Evangelism – Follow-up Booklet 25,000
Mobilization – Evangelism – Block Party Trailers 24,800
Mobilization – African American Ministries – Evangelism Conference 20,000
Mobilization – Native American Ministries – Indian Falls Creek 20,000
Equipping – Pastoral Leadership – Ministerial Crisis Care 16,000
Equipping – See You At The Pole 16,000
Mobilization – Partnership Missions – Scholarships 15,000
Mobilization – Women’s Ministries – Ethnic Women Evangelism/Scholarships 15,000
Equipping – Student Education – Answer Now Web/App 12,200
Mobilization – African American Ministries – Evangelism Training 10,000
Mobilization – Hispanic Ministries – Bridge Builders 10,000
Equipping – Rewired You Version Devotion 5,000
Mobilization – Disaster Relief – Evangelism Training 5,000




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