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Dear Oklahoma Baptists,

The New Testament clearly teaches that those who are most aware of their own brokenness are often the people who are most open to the Gospel.

The reality is, in Oklahoma we see brokenness all around us. Key areas of brokenness include addiction, foster care, poverty and hunger, as well as those facing incarceration. These social problems are actually opportunities for us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Oklahoma Baptists have a long history of stepping into these areas of brokenness and meeting the needs of our state, all to advance the Gospel. In fact, that is the very heart of the Edna McMillan Oklahoma State Missions Offering (SMO). This Missions Offering is a very tangible expression of the common bond we have in Christ and the common mission we have to advance the Gospel in our state.

Through the SMO, we as Oklahoma Baptists are strategically reaching into areas of brokenness by offering:

  • Christ-centered Addiction Recovery
  • Support for Foster Care Ministries
  • Hunger Funds
  • Prison and Jail Ministry
  • Other ministries

These are just a few of the ways that together, as Oklahoma Baptists, we are meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our people. Every dollar we give through the SMO goes directly to missions and ministry efforts right here in Oklahoma.

Please take time to review the enclosed materials and resources, and please consider promoting the offering in your church, as each of us prayerfully considers how to participate financially.

My goal this year is to raise an offering and increase awareness of these Gospel opportunities. While every church cannot meet every need, every church can meet a need. Maybe it’s feeding one hungry child, perhaps it’s caring for one foster child, or ministering in a prison nearby. Through the Edna McMillan State Missions Offering, God has an open door for us to enter, shoulder by shoulder, to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sincerely in Christ,

D. Hance Dilbeck, Jr.

BGCO Executive Director-Treasurer


Week of Prayer: September 8-15


Brokenness is an opportunity for Gospel advance. Pray your congregation begins to see the brokenness in your community.

Ask the Lord what role your church can have in reaching others for Jesus.


Educational videos* and materials are available to promote the offering in your church. Additional materials can be ordered at StateMissionsOK.org.

Set a goal for your church to give as we embrace brokenness in our state.


The videos provided are a powerful way to communicate the work Oklahoma Baptists are doing around our state. Printed materials give insight into how each dollar goes directly to missions and ministry efforts.