Funds Allocation

Fund Allocation – Full List


Allocation Requests

Amount Requested

African American Ministries $40,000
Addiction Care $118,000
Associational Camps $35,000
Church Planting $350,000
Disaster Relief Evangelism $5,000
Education & Promotion $40,000
Foster Care/Adoption $20,000
Hunger Funds $120,000
Indian Camps $25,000
Ministerial Crisis Care $16,000
Mission Preaching Points $65,000
Multi-Vocational Pastors $50,000
Partnership Missions $20,000
Prison and Jail $35,000
Regional Church Relations $215,000
See You at the Pole $16,000
Summer BCM Teams $30,000



Statewide Goal: $1.2 Million

African American Ministries


In an effort to advance the Gospel we host regional African American Evangelism Conferences. In 2020, we want to equip, encourage and inspire the work of evangelism in the hearts of those who attend African American Churches.

Addiction Care


As Oklahoma Baptists seek to embrace brokenness with the Gospel, one of the key areas of need is in response to addiction. These funds will provide matching grants for churches across our state to place people from their church family in a Christ-centered in-patient treatment program at Arcadia Trails. They also help support the ongoing work of Hope is Alive.

Associational Camps


Each summer thousands of children and young people attend camps across our state that are owned by local associations. Hundreds of children and youth profess faith in Christ at these camps and the stories of changed lives are powerful. Through the partnership efforts of the BGCO and the local associations across the state, missions offering resources are provided to assist in the programming of these camps to spread the Gospel to those who attend.

 Church Planting


All around the state, people groups and population segments still need a Gospel preaching church. Through the State Missions Offering, church multiplication is enhanced, locations are identified and new church planters are discovered, assessed, trained, coached and cared for, so they can plant churches that also plant churches.

Disaster Relief


Disaster Relief is a ministry that allows Oklahoma Baptists to come together to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to those impacted by disasters here in Oklahoma, throughout the country and around the world. These funds will be used to add tools to help Oklahoma Baptists to seamlessly give a Gospel presentation in the context of disaster relief.

Education and Promotion


The State Missions Offering was established to empower Oklahomans with missional efforts in our state. The annual offering provides opportunities we would not have otherwise. By promoting the offering, churches are able to rally together in making disciples and train up generations of believers with a heart for the lost.

Foster Care/Adoption


Throughout Scripture, we hear God’s heart for the church to care for orphans. Psalm 68:6 says, “God provides homes for those who are deserted.” We have a calling to care for children in need of a loving, caring home. This money goes to help ministries like Leflore Association as they have a retreat for foster families where they get continued education so their certification can be up to date. We want to see more and more of our churches and associations wading into foster care.

Hunger Funds


It is hard for us to believe there are hungry people in our metropolitan areas as well as our rural areas across Oklahoma. There are children who are hungry. Their parents are rationing food. Hunger Funds helps churches do more evangelistic outreach and make an impact on many lives.

Indian Camps


Hosting campers who represent between 25-40 tribes and over 250 churches each year as well as non-Native people. Indian Falls Creek is the largest Native Christian encampment in North America. The Gospel is presented throughout the week to impact lostness in our state. Besides Indian Falls Creek there are additional Native American camps held each year in other locations such as Kiamichi Baptist Encampment and other associational camp grounds.

Ministerial Crisis Care


Ministerial Crisis is a ministry of Oklahoma Baptists to their leaders and the families of those leaders. Because of this generous giving, dedicated financial resources are available to assist with counseling and other times of crisis for Oklahoma Baptist pastors, staff, and their families. These benefits are administered through the office of Associate Executive Director of Church Relations.

Mission Preaching Points


Throughout our state, we have many micro communities of people groups. Through the offering, Oklahoma Baptist will be better able to set up mission points for lay people to go into these communities, start a Bible study and raise up a core group of believers. When mission points are established throughout the state, the Gospel will be shared in areas that otherwise might be neglected.

(Multi-Vocational Pastors)


MVP Churches (churches of 125 and fewer) are the backbone of the state convention. They comprise nearly 1,500 of our churches. Through the offering, the Church & Community Spiritual Awakening Project will be launched. This strategy will be designed specifically with smaller churches in mind and will equip churches with prayer guides, evangelism training and a discipleship plan.

Partnership Missions


Oklahoma Baptists have a rich history of sending and supporting missionaries. Through the offering given by Oklahoma Baptists, church leaders will be provided a partial scholarship to fund a vision trip overseas. We will work with churches in matching them with an IMB missionary. This provides opportunities for the local church to stay connected and supportive of missionaries and the work they do to advance the Gospel around the world.

Prison and Jail Ministries


The state’s incarceration rate continues to grow. Oklahoma Baptists use one-on-one counseling sessions, Bible study, Evangelism Explosion and job-readiness training to show Christ’s love and share the Gospel. Last year Oklahoma County Jail alone saw over 2,000 decisions. We must continue to reach out.

Regional Church Relations


As Oklahoma Baptists seek to advance the Gospel across the state, there will be the opportunity for churches and associations to engage in projects and strategic plans to do so. These funds will be available through the Regional Ministry Partners of the Church Relations Group to partner with church and associations as they engage in advancing the Gospel in their communities and area.

See you at the Pole


The state missions offering enhances churches and associational efforts to host See You At The Pole evangelistic rallies. Last year there were over 20 associations that received $500 in funding for the event. At these rallies there were several thousand in attendance and many students made professions of faith with many other decisions reported.

Summer BCM Teams


The allocation would be used to train and equip college students, who are called to ministry, to serve Oklahoma Baptist churches in a variety of ways throughout the year. These students will be equipped and trained in preaching, worship leading, and other church leadership roles.

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