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Mission: Oklahoma

The 2018 Oklahoma State Missions Offering is focused on encouraging pastors, strengthening churches and taking the Gospel into broken places through church multiplication. When you give through your church, a direct impact is made on encouraging and training multi-vocational pastors, on establishing new small groups, planting churches and much more. One hundred percent of the offering goes directly to the work and has tremendous Kingdom impact.

Ministry Balancing Act for MVP Pastors

LeRon West has answered the call to many vocations: firefighter, fire marshal, realtor, and electrician. However, there is one calling that is his work of joy, the calling to be a pastor. Nearly 1,500 Oklahoma Baptist pastors make their living doing the balancing act of full time secular work and full time ministry. Through the State Missions Offering, these multi-vocational pastors receive encouragement, ministry consulting and resources to reach their communities.

Beta Collective Make Sunday School Even Better

Once on a destructive path of rebellion, crime and drugs, Jesse Hickman found Christ’s love in the Love County jail. Through the State Mission Offering, God provided effective small group training for the Sunday School leaders at First Baptist Church, Marietta. The training provided insight for the leaders that helped them lead Jesse to start a small group and teach about God’s love to people who can relate to his past.

Multiplying Hope through Church Planting

Eight years ago, when church planter Rusty Gunn and his team started Church That Matters in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, the Lord gave them the vision of launching a church that plants other churches. That vision has led to five new works. Recently, the church helped church planter, Earl Krumsiek, start Hope Church in nearby Tulsa. Through the State Missions Offering, church multiplication is accelerated so any size church can be a part of starting new churches.

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